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Forgiveness and the Heart

Over the past weeks I have been focusing on my heart and activating my heart chakra.Diving deep into the heart center can be challenging, for there are many layers that have to be worked through and looked at; and several of those layers have to do with our shadow side. Often when we go deepContinue reading “Forgiveness and the Heart”

Therapeutic Art

The imagery of the Isenheim Altar piece, painted between 1512 -1516 AD, is beautiful, raw and intense. The altar stood in the chapel of a monastery where patients who suffered from plague-like symptoms such as Ergotism were cared for. The patients with terrible skin sores and limbs that felt as if they were on fire,Continue reading “Therapeutic Art”

Breathing into the Cold

For more than a year I have been healing from a heel problem called Plantar Fasciitis, inflammation of the heel tissue.Over time I worked on different therapeutic methods to ease the pain.For pain relief and inflammation, I used plant medicine from the Greenman. The organic and natural drops consisted of turpenes, derived from plants. ItContinue reading “Breathing into the Cold”

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